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Merchants throughout the adult industry share in many of some of the same struggles and difficulties.  One of these similar problems faced by merchants are payment processing services.  Many merchants have run into trouble finding a merchant services provider that pays consistently with affordable fees.  Many credit card processing companies have targeted the adult industry and taken advantage of merchants for years. Promising fast approvals and consistent payouts while charging exorbitant fees.  Its not uncommon for a merchant to begin processing with fees from 10% up to about 15%.

Adult Merchant Services has focused on providing safe, secure and consistent payment processing services without the excessive pricing.  Starting in 2007, we have grown our payment services year over year from the corner desk of a small bedroom to a company processing millions of dollars per year. Our growth has been fueled by providing consistent of low cost merchant services with superior customer service. Combining those principles with our advanced payment technologies has allowed us to be able to maintain a near perfect 99% customer retention rate since our first day.

At Adult Merchant Services we have the same focus as our merchants – increasing sales. Our common goal of improving traffic conversions into sales has led us to implementing new services and technology to help our merchants. Our advanced adult payment gateway provides practical, affordable, reliable and fully PCI-Compliant internet payment services. Custom features in our payment gateway including our automated merchant account management system for businesses using more than 1 merchant account. This reduces the amount of time merchant spend managing transactions and giving them more time to focus on building their business.

Payment processing options with Adult Merchant Services don’t end at credit card and debit cards. One of the most cost efficient payment processing methods is check processing. Merchants interested in exploring other payment streams have found success in  ACH and Check 21 payment processing. Accepting check payments is a popular method among merchants operating with a re-billing business model.

With numerous options and reliable payment solutions, Adult Merchant Services is can offer everyone from startup adult businesses to established organizations superior payment services. For more information about Adult Merchant Services or general payment processing questions, contact us.

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