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Specializing in Adult Merchant Account and Adult Credit Card Processing

The adult industry, a rarely discussed segment of business that continues to generate billions of dollars in revenues, regularly appears as one of the largest segments of e commerce on the internet, but is shunned upon by many financial institutions and payment services provides due to the negative stigma with which the industry has been marred.  Businesses operating within the adult industry understand that finding a company to handle adult payment processing can be a challenge, but many companies have realized over time that it is a necessity in adult oriented businesses to partner with financial services companies that understand the industry and can provide the needed payment processing services.

Unlike traditional ecommerce businesses where products and services can be distinguished any businesses do not necessarily provide the types of services or products that are traditionally thought of when discussing the adult industry. Working with a credit card processor that understands the differences between adult businesses and has the financial network to cater to the full spectrum of adult industry merchants

Adult Merchant Services has focused on providing quality payment processing services to the adult industry for over 10 years to merchants located in the USA and around the globe.  Businesses partnering with

Adult Credit Card Processing

Businesses in the adult industry in need of an adult payment processor can accept credit cards and debit cards through our high risk payment processing network, eliminating unnecessary termination of services and future headaches.

Adult Merchant Account Services

Adult businesses have access to our high risk banking network that specializes in processing payments for difficult to place industries while providing affordable merchant accounts and adult content registration services.

Adult Payment Gateway

Our award winning adult payment gateway provides complete Level 1 PCI Compliance and Full Transaction Management functions to help merchants in the adult industry manage their businesses. Adult Merchant Services has been recognized as a top adult payment processor by offering:

• Low Adult Payment Processing Fees
• Reliable Adult Credit Card Processing Services
• Bank Direct Adult Merchant Account Integrations
• PCI Compliant Adult Payment Gateway
• 24/7 Customer Support
• No Application Fees
• No Set Up Fees

Adult Payment Processing

Providing check payment services to merchants with rebilling customers, Adult Merchant Services can help set merchants up with affordable payment processing services for all size companies.  Adult Merchant Services has been recognized as a top adult check processor by offering:

• Discount Adult ACH Processing
• Low Cost Adult Check 21 Processing
• International Adult Bank Wires
• 24/7 Customer Support
• No Application Fees

adult payment processoradult merchant accountadult credit card processing
Complete Adult Credit Card Processing Company

Adult Merchant Services is committed to serving merchants in the adult industry by helping businesses from start-up adult websites to established adult stores, we have the best adult payment processing solutions for adult businesses.  We have expanded our payment services and can offer merchants a variety of different payment processing solutions in addition to credit card processing, including adult ACH and adult Check 21 processing services that have been widely popular in the adult industry.

Multiple Payment Processing Platforms

Merchants working with Adult Merchant Services benefit from the fact that we work with both domestic and offshore banks, offering merchants the choice to operate and grow their business as desired. Businesses partnering with our services are also given access to many features that are not available from sponsored merchant accounts, such as providing direct bank integrations and allowing merchants to access their customer account information.

Secure Online Payment Processing

For the merchants operating online, businesses have access to our patented PCI Compliant payment gateway that processes payments with the highest levels of security, insuring that businesses are protected to the security standards required by the card association. As online credit card fraud continues to increase with the perpetual growth of the internet, the need for a secure payment gateway has never been more important to merchants in the high risk credit card processing industry.

Reliable Adult Merchant Account Services

Maintaining merchant accounts and bank accounts at secure financial institutions is essential for the financial stability of a business, although many merchants do not consider the financial security of a payment processor while shopping merchant service providers. To help protect the assets of merchants, the team at Adult Merchant Services insures that all credit card processing and eCheck accounts are underwritten by FDIC insured banks to help protect the assets of our merchants.

Businesses partnering with Adult Merchant Service are working with an adult payment processor with experience and knowledge needed to provide reliable adult credit card processing services. Merchants looking to set up adult credit card processing services for a new business or are interested in switching services, we can help.  Whether a business is in need of an adult payment gateway for a website or a credit card terminal for a retail storefront, Adult Merchant Services has a reliable, secure and affordable payment solution.   Our experience and expertise in the payment processing industry will help adult merchants to accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments securely and cost-effectively.

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