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At Adult Merchants Services, our focus for nearly 15 years has been with the adult e-commerce industry as it continues to generate billions of dollars in revenues though is shunned upon by most financial institutions and payment services providers. A combination of the negative stigma surrounding adult businesses along with the fear of higher than normal chargebacks has marred the financial services aspect of the industry. Businesses operating as adult industry merchants understand that finding a company to handle their adult payment processing can be a challenge, but many companies have realized the importance of partnering with a financial services company that understands the industry.

Unlike traditional e-commerce businesses where products and services can be distinguished with relative ease, adult businesses can encompass many different segments of commerce that are not typically associated with the adult industry. General high-risk payment processors will gladly work with adult merchants, but their financial solutions are generally expensive and require processing payments through an offshore bank, incurring more fees and expenses than domestic solutions. Working with a credit card processor that understands the differences between the various types of adult businesses can help merchants find the best solutions to fit their needs.

Payments today can be completed a number of different ways, but the most common methods used by online customers today are credit card or using a bank check.  Partnering with an adult payment processor that is familiar with customer trends and has a financial network able to offer a variety of payment services to adult businesses can save merchants significant time and money.  At Adult Merchant Services, our focus is to provide multiple low-cost payment solutions for businesses in the adult industry.

Adult Credit Card Processing
Providing essential services for online businesses in the adult industry in need of an adult credit card processor that can accept credit cards and debit cards. Our high-risk payment processing network allows merchants to safely and efficiently process transactions and eliminate the risk of any unnecessary merchant account terminations or other headaches.

• Fees as low as 00.08% and $0.08/transaction
• Direct Merchant Account from FDIC insured banks
• Fraud Protection Programs available
• PCI Compliant Adult Payment Gateway
• Full Adult Compliance and Registration

Adult Merchant Accounts
Adult businesses that partner with Adult Merchant Services have access to our high-risk banking and payment processing network.  Our specialized services allow for long term merchant account services for difficult to place industries, including adult merchants. Accounts set up through our payment processing services are priced extremely competitively and adult content registration services include no additional fees.

• No Application Fees
• No Set Up Fees
• Daily Payouts
• No Rolling Reserves

Adult Payment Gateway
Our award-winning adult payment gateway provides complete Level 1 PCI Compliance and Full Transaction Management functions to help merchants in the adult industry manage their businesses. Adult Merchant Services has been recognized as a top adult payment processor by offering:

• Low Adult Payment Processing Fees
• Reliable Adult Credit Card Processing Services
• Bank Direct Adult Merchant Account Integrations
• PCI Compliant Adult Payment Gateway
• 24/7 Customer Support
• No Set Up Fees

Adult Payment Processing
Providing check payment services to merchants with rebilling customers, Adult Merchant Services can help set merchants up with affordable payment processing services for all size companies.  Many of the adult membership websites have opted to offer payment by check as a more affordable and more secure method to accept recurring payments.  Our commitment to the online adult payment industry has helped make Adult Merchant Services become recognized as a top adult check processor by offering:

• Discount Adult ACH Processing
• Low-Cost Adult Check 21 Processing
• International Adult Bank Wires
• 24/7 Customer Support
• No Application Fees

Complete Adult Credit Card Processing Company
Adult Merchant Services is committed to serving merchants in the adult industry by helping businesses from start-up adult websites to established adult stores, we have the best adult payment processing solutions for adult businesses.  Our large portfolio of merchants has given us the ability to easily negotiate the best pricing for our merchants when working with the credit card processing companies.

We have expanded our payment services and also offer merchants a variety of different payment processing solutions in addition to credit card processing.  One of the fastest growing segments of our payment processing portfolio has been check processing, payment services that include adult ACH and adult Check 21 processing services and have become widely popular in the adult industry.

Multiple Payment Processing Platforms
Merchants working with Adult Merchant Services benefit from the fact that we work with both domestic and offshore banks, offering merchants the choice to operate and grow their business as desired. Businesses partnering with our services are also given access to many features that are not available from sponsored merchant accounts, such as providing direct bank integrations with fewer costs and restrictions than other solutions.

Alternative payment platforms that allow for additional payment methods have become increasingly common among merchants as a way to lower fees and risk through an easy to use payment gateway.  Depending on the needs of the merchant and their business, Adult Merchant Services can help determine the best way to process payments and find the most affordable means to do it.

Secure Online Payment Processing
For the merchants operating online, businesses have access to our patented PCI Compliant payment gateway that processes payments with the highest levels of security, ensuring that businesses are protected to the highest security standards required by the card association. As online credit card fraud continues to increase with the perpetual growth of the internet, the need for a secure payment gateway has never been more important.

From start to finish, every transaction is monitored to prevent any potential losses or problems by merchants from suspicious transactions that pass through our high-risk payment processing network.  Adult Merchant Services provides merchants with complete security against fraud or theft for all transactions originating from their business or website.

Reliable Adult Merchant Account Services
Maintaining merchant accounts and bank accounts at secure financial institutions is essential for the financial stability of a business. Although many merchants do not consider this while shopping merchant service providers, when funds are held or potentially lost by an offshore processor, this becomes a foremost concern.

To help protect the assets of merchants, the team at Adult Merchant Services ensures that all credit card processing and eCheck accounts are underwritten by FDIC insured banks to help protect the assets of our merchants.  Merchants that need to use an offshore banking solution will only be placed with the most reputable banks, eliminating any imminent chances of problems.

Get Started Processing Payments today!

Businesses partnering with Adult Merchant Services are working with an adult payment processor with experience and knowledge needed to provide reliable adult credit card processing services. Merchants looking to set up adult credit card processing services for a new business or are interested in switching services, we can help.

Whether a business is in need of an adult payment gateway for a website or a credit card terminal for a retail storefront, Adult Merchant Services has a reliable, secure and affordable payment solution. Our experience and expertise in the payment processing industry will help adult merchants to accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments securely and cost-effectively.

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