About Adult Merchant Services

Starting in 2007, Adult Merchant Services has grown our payment processing services year after year from the corner desk of a small bedroom in Miami to a company processing about $6 million dollars of adult-related transactions per year. The understanding that merchants in the adult industry shared many of the same payment processing difficulties that other high risk businesses experienced was the reason for creating a payment processor specific to adult businesses. Many credit card processing companies have targeted the adult industry and taken advantage of the merchants for years, promising fast approvals and consistent payouts while charging exorbitant fees for services.

aboutMany of the adult merchants we started working with were experiencing problems with their payment services providers; whether it was the costs involved, the services available to merchants or simply how the merchant services provider operated. Seeing the need for a reliable merchant services company that could offer direct, US-based merchant accounts from FDIC insured banks, daily settlements and a PCI compliant adult payment gateway, the demand for these payment processing relationships was immediate.

The objective of Adult Merchant Services has remained constant since our inception, providing affordable solutions to the payment processing problems plaguing many of the businesses in the adult industry.

Why Adult Merchant Services

The management team at Adult Merchant Services brings extensive knowledge and understanding of the adult payment processing industry. With about 20 years of adult credit card processing, adult e-check processing and adult payment gateway experience to merchants in the adult industry. Our merchant services background has taught us that giving merchants the ability to work directly with the banks provides businesses with increased flexibility and more option, similar to businesses operating on Main Street have with the merchant account providers.

The combination of experience and the commitment to providing payment processing services at reasonable rates with honest pricing along with a safe and secure payment gateway has been the driving force behind our consistent success within the adult industry. As a leader of merchant services in the adult community, Adult Merchant Services strives to continue growing while continuing to operate in the same manner as we have for over 10 years.

Adult Payment Processing Services

As a one-stop shop for payment processing services, Adult Merchant Services can handle just about all types of adult businesses, regardless of their location. Catering to a number of different adult businesses, our company is able to offer a number of commonly required payment processing services, including but not limited to:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Debit Card Processing
  • Check 21 Processing
  • eCheck Processing
  • Payment Gateway

As new payment schemes come available, Adult Merchant Services is always about finding the best solutions for merchants, ensuring that they are reliable yet cost-efficient.

Get Started with Adult Merchant Services

With numerous options and reliable payment solutions, Adult Merchant Services is a full-service adult payment processor and can offer everyone from startup adult businesses to established organizations superior payment services.  Following our blog on Adult Merchant Services helps to keep adult merchants informed to any news concerning merchant accounts or answers to frequently asked questions surrounding the financial services industry as it pertains to the adult industry.

For more information about getting started with Adult Merchant Services or any general payment processing questions, please contact one of our payment professionals. We would be more than happy to help you with any questions or to find a solution that works for your business needs.

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