Adult Credit Card Processing

The adult industry, though not mainstream or discussed much, has always been one of the largest e commerce business markets and with the growth of the internet and improving technology for both consumers and providers, the demand for adult entertainment, content and products will continue to thrive.  The need for adult merchants to partner with an adult credit card processing professional that specializes in adult payment processing services is essential for the success of an adult business operating in the 21st century.

Adult Merchant Services is a global leader in the adult payment processing industry with our quick and simple application process and our discount merchant services that offer one of the lowest rates in the adult payment processing industry. Our extensive knowledge of the adult payment industry has provided the necessary training for our staff to provide exceptional customer service in all segments, including transaction management and technical support.

Ecommerce merchants have excelled with our award winning PCI Compliant adult payment gateway as it has helped merchants improve the flow of their businesses and reduce credit card processing costs through the direct banking relationships that provide lower fees, faster authorizations and rapid settlements. With this added value, merchants are able to grow their companies with fewer limitations and making way for higher transaction acceptance rates and higher monthly volume limits; features that many adult credit card processing merchants will appreciate.

Benefits of Adult Merchant Services

• Low Transaction Costs
• Easy Transaction Management
• PCI Compliant Payment Gateway
• Award Winning Customer Support

Types of Merchants using Adult Credit Card Processing

Adult Membership Websites
Adult Dating Services
Bath Houses
Live Adult Web Cam
Massage Parlors
Phone Sex
Sex Toys
Swingers Clubs
Adult Toy Stores
Adult Video Services
Escort Directories
Massage Therapists
Penis Enlargements Products
Sexual Enhancement Products
Strip Clubs
Web Cam


What is Adult Credit Card Processing?

Credit card processing is a payment system that is available to nearly all business types for companies located throughout the world, making it a truly global payment method for merchants and customers alike. Merchants operating a retail storefront that want to provide customers with convenient and easy payment methods will usually decide to accept credit cards as a payment option, while online credit card processing for internet merchants is an all but mandatory payment acceptance method.

Payments accepted by credit cards, and similarly by debit cards, provide merchants nearly instantaneous authorizations for payments from the customer bank when a purchase is attempted in person or online.  Authorizations that are approved and finalized during the same day will usually settle into the merchant’s bank account within 24-48 hours, providing consistent and reliable funding for businesses.

Merchants in the adult industry will find that most major credit card processing companies will not work with businesses that are categorized as high risk, as adult is generally deemed.  This predicament has created a void that has been filled by adult payment processors that focus on working with adult friendly banks to provide reliable adult merchant services.

Why use Adult Credit Card Processing?

Businesses in the adult industry accepting credit cards without a high risk payment processor or high risk payment gateway are at the risk of having their merchant account frozen or terminated. Verifying that the merchant services company can work as an adult provider and will insure that businesses register with visa and mastercard as an adult provider will alleviate many potential problems and unnecessary costs in the future.

Utilizing an Adult Payment Gateway

Not all payment gateways are the same.  Contrary to what a merchant services agent might claim, some payment gateway services do not want to have higher risk businesses in their portfolio, rather they prefer to work exclusively with lower risk/general e commerce type merchants. When searching for a payment gateway program to integrate into a website, it is suggested that merchants confirm the gateway provider will accept adult businesses and that they are a fully PCI Compliant payment gateway.

Merchants using the adult payment gateway provided by Adult Merchant Services will be able to process secure transactions through our PCI Compliant gateway without any risk of being terminated due to industry concerns.  The adult payment gateway offers merchants a fully operational program to help manage and run their business with full transaction management capabilities and complete reporting functionality.

In addition to our security, our payment gateway has numerous features that separate us from the other adult credit card processing companies.

• Integrate into over 100 of the most common shopping carts
• Easy reporting, batching and transaction management
• Offsite storage of sensitive customer account data
• Automated Load Balancing between merchant accounts

Adult PCI Compliance

Merchants receive more than just an adult credit card processing service when teaming with Adult Merchant Services; we insure that all accounts are handled with fully PCI Compliant software and services, eliminating merchants liability and signficantly reducing any potential fraud being processed through the payment gateway.

PCI Compliance for adult merchants includes:

•  Easy Registration — Becoming a PCI compliant business is fast and simple
•  Ongoing Protection — Remain in PCI compliance and stay safe from fraud
• Stress-Free—Monitoring — Managed by our fraud protection support and services

Credit Card Processing with Adult Merchant Services

• Discount Merchant Services Fees
• Payment Processor specializing in Adult
• Fully PCI Compliant Payment Gateway
• 24/7 customer support services

How does an Adult Credit Card Processing transaction work?

As with general e commerce and other high risk card payment transactions, an adult credit card processing transaction is a quick and convenient payment service for both the merchant and the customer. Even though the transaction only takes a few seconds to complete, the credit card or debit card authorization process is a complex process involving multiple banks and financial institutions working together to complete the payment request. At the point of authorization, the customer card account information received by the merchant from the customer and securely sent to the customer bank through the payment networks.

Involved in a single authorization are the:

• The cardholder
• The merchant
• The payment processor (working with (or is) the acquiring bank)
• The acquiring bank (merchant’s sponsoring bank)
• The issuing bank (cardholder’s bank)
• The card associations (ie; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.)
• The payment gateway (for e commerce transactions)

Once a credit or debit card is presented at the merchants terminal location for payment, card account information is either captured by swiping or manually entering information, at that point the cardholder account information is encrypted and transmitted to the payment processor. The payment processor, working on behalf of the merchant’s acquiring bank, forwards the encrypted card account information to the acquiring bank where account information is passed along to the card associations.

Upon receipt at the card association, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, cardholder account information is received, decrypted and a determination will be made to the type of card requesting authorization.  Each card company has its own unique card account numbers, usually the first 2-3 numbers will distinguish one card company from another.

Once the card type is realized, either Visa or Mastercard will then forward the account information and request to the appropriate cardholder bank for authorization. Authorization involved checking the amount of the authorization against the available credit of the cardholders account and any other fraud protection measures that card issuing banks might have in place. Since American Express and Discover act as card issuing banks, cardholder’s requests are received and responses are determined in house.

Similar to retail swiped transactions, e commerce websites that are accepting payments online will have either a shopping cart or hosted payment page that is integrated into an adult payment gateway, connecting the merchant to their acquiring bank. The payment gateway works similar to a storefront credit card terminal by accepting the cardholder’s account information and encrypting the data for transmission to the card associations.

Both types of authorizations are nearly identical in process with the difference being in the acceptance method, but regardless if the authorization is approved or declined, the response code is sent back through the card association network and returned promptly to the merchant terminal or payment gateway to inform both the merchant and customer to the response.

Credit Card Processing with Adult Merchant Services

Merchants in the adult industry in need of help starting a new credit card processing service, or with questions about their current adult payment processor are urged to contact one of our professionals at Adult Merchant Services. Our staff will be more than happy to take the time and answer any questions or concerns merchants might have in regard to their business and payment processing services.

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