Adult Credit Card Processing

Adult Merchant Services is a global leader in the adult payment processing industry. Merchants find our quick and simple application process helpful when looking to get started as soon as possible. Another perk of working with Adult Merchant Services is our network. Our combination of fast and reliable credit card transactions along with the most secure payment network allows merchants to effectively grow their businesses.

Ecommerce merchants benefit from our award winning adult payment gateway. Our payment gateway helps merchants streamline their adult credit card processing while providing an affordable alternative to other adult credit card processors. Working with Adult Merchant Services helps businesses increase profits by allowing the flexibility to grow without limitations. A feature that many adult credit card processing merchant appreciate is that our adult merchant accounts have high volume caps with little to no restrictions.

Adult Credit Card Processing merchants using Adult Merchant Services processing services receive quick and reliable payment transactions.  Merchants are able to accept the most widely used credit card and debit card brands with super quick authorizations.  Merchants also benefit from our rapid payments, insuring quick and consistent settlement funding.

• Seamless integration into the POS system of your choice
• Speedy credit and debit card transaction authorizations
• Stringent card data security monitoring with fraud protection services
• 24/7 customer support services

See how an adult credit card processing account from Adult Merchant Service can benefit your business.

Complete Ecommerce Solution

Businesses working without a reliable and secure payment gateway are at risk for potential security breaches or service outages.  Our adult payment gateway offers full PCI Compliance while providing advanced management features for online adult credit card processing companies. In addition to our security, our payment gateway has numerous features that separate us from the other adult credit card processing companies.

•  Integrate into over 100 of the most common shopping carts
•  Easy reporting, batching, returns and voids
•  PCI Compliance storage of sensitive customer data
•  Automated Load Balancing between merchant accounts

Fast PCI Compliance

Merchants receive more than just adult credit card processing services when teaming with our company. Part of our commitment to helping adult businesses is by providing PCI Compliance. The Adult Merchant Services PCI Compliance program offered to all merchants includes:

• Easy Registration — Becoming a PCI compliant business is fast and simple
• Ongoing Protection — Remain in PCI compliance and stay safe from fraud
• Stress-Free—Monitoring — Managed by our fraud protection support and services


How does a Credit Card transaction work?

A credit card processing transaction is not only quick, but its also convenient for both the merchant and the customer. Even though the transaction only takes a few seconds to complete, the process is a complex progression. Involved is a network of banks and financial institution all working together to complete a single transaction.

During a single transaction, there are at least 5 different organizations involved in completing a single authorization.

• The cardholder
• The merchant
• The payment processor (working with (or is) the acquiring bank)
• The acquiring bank (merchant’s settlement bank)
• The issuing bank (cardholder’s bank)
• The card associations (ie; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.)
• The payment gateway (for eCommerce transactions)

Once a card is wiped in the merchants location, the card information is encrypted and send to the payment processor. The payment processing forwards the card data through the acquiring bank along to the card associations. The card associations, also known as the interchange, will determine the kind of card and who the issuing bank is for the cardholder. Card data is then passed along to the issuing bank to determine if the credit card can be authorized. Regardless if the card is approved or declines, the information is sent back through the same process to the merchant location.

When at credit card processing authorization originates from a website, the process is identical expect for 1 step. For security reason, merchants have to use a payment gateway between the website and the payment processor. An ecommerce transaction begins when the customer checks out of an online shopping cart. Most ecommerce websites have an online shopping cart that is integrated into a payment gateway. Some websites do use a hosted payment page instead of a shopping cart. The payment gateway accepts the cardholders data, then encrypts the information for transmission. Once the package arrives at the payment processor, the payment gateway translates the information for the processor to send.

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