Adult Merchant Account

Adult Merchant Services is a leading adult merchant account provider.  With no application fees, fast approvals and low transaction fees; adult merchants are able to start processing credit cards quickly and inexpensively.  We provide merchants super fast credit card and debit card authorizations, allowing customers to quickly complete their transactions. Another benefit of our adult merchant account services is the intense scrutiny we place on security.  By maintaining the highest levels of security with all our payment services, we minimize the risk for credit card fraud.  Our quick integration process allows for our payment solutions to be integrated into your current website or point of sale system seamlessly.

One the most popular features of our adult merchant account services is our award winning payment gateway.  Businesses are able to streamline their payment processing by operating multiple adult merchant accounts with our flexible payment gateway features.  Our advanced  reporting systems make management of your merchant account and business accurate, fast and simple.  This combination of low cost merchant accounts and a secure payment gateway have provided a winning adult credit card processing solution to merchants for years.

Adult Merchant Account Advantage

Most businesses looking for payment processing should apply for an adult merchant account.  Unlike many of the 3rd party processing companies, also known as a sponsored account, a merchant account provides many benefits the other companies wont.

Total Control.   Merchants have full control of customer data and information.

Lower Rates and Fees.  Consistent fees on every transaction insure there are no surprises at the end of a billing period.

Better Customer Service.  Merchants to handle their own customer service instead of leaving it up to the billing company.

Security.  Providing a PCI Compliant payment gateway and EMV equipped credit card terminals.


What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a contractual agreement between a payment processor (or acquiring bank) and a merchant. This allows for the acceptance of credit card and debit card payments into a designated business account at the bank called a “merchant account”.

When a customer is ready to checkout, a payment authorization is required. Cardholder information is gathered by either swiping the card at credit card terminal in a retail location or by keying in the numbers through the shopping cart of a website. A request for authorization is sent using the card data to the merchant bank (the acquirer) and is passed along to the card association (ie, Visa or MasterCard). The card association determines the cardholders issuing bank and sends the bank a request for payment authorization. One these is an answer, the response traces the path back to the merchant.

At the conclusion of the business day, the credit card machine or payment gateway compiles all the days transactions and sends out a single finalized batch file requesting fulfillment of payments owed. In a similar transaction to the authorization, the batch requests funding from the cardholder’s bank. Funds are sent to the merchant’s acquiring bank for settlement into the merchants account.

An ecommerce transaction has additional security steps that need to be taken. Cardholder data is encrypted from the shopping cart on the website and sent through the customer’s web browser to the merchant. Once the data arrives at the merchant, it is then forwarded along to the payment gateway. The payment gateway interprets the encryption into information that can used by the merchant bank. Once data is received at the merchant bank, it is passed along to the card associations for authorization.

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