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A common problem among businesses in the adult industry has been with the stigma associated with merchant and the difficulty it can cause merchants, making the simplest of tasks a complicated and expensive endeavor, not to mention finding an adult merchant account provider. No where else is this problem more pronounced than in the financial industry where most payment processors and other banking institutions have tried to distance themselves as much as possible from businesses operating in the the adult arena, even making checking accounts and merchant accounts difficult to set up.

Adult Merchant Services has become a leading adult payment processor with no application fees, fast approvals and low transaction fees; adult merchants partnering with payment systems are able to start processing credit cards quickly and inexpensively through our high risk banking network. Our direct bank integrations offer many adult businesses the opportunity to establish merchant accounts with flexible monthly volume caps, daily settlements and no payment reserve – giving merchants the keys to grow their businesses.

Some of the benefits that come with a merchant account at Adult Merchant Services are the direct banking relationships struck with the acquiring banks that allow for faster payment authorizations, higher volume caps and fewer restrictions placed on the merchant accounts. Direct bank accounts can also improve settlement times and give merchants more capital to work with, taking merchant accounts that would normally settle on a weekly basis (and likely delayed a week) and improve the settlement times to daily payouts. Merchants that partner with our services will also be working with merchant service professionals that understand the adult industry and understand the importance of properly handling every merchant account to prevent any problems during or after the underwriting process.

Types of Merchants using Adult Merchant Account Services

Adult Membership Websites
Adult Dating Services
Bath Houses
Live Adult Web Cam
Massage Parlors
Phone Sex
Sex Toys
Swingers Clubs
Adult Toy Stores
Adult Video Services
Escort Directories
Massage Therapists
Penis Enlargements Products
Sexual Enhancement Products
Strip Clubs
Web Cam

The Benefits of Adult Merchant Account Services

• Direct Bank Merchant Account
• Fast Authorizations and Daily Settlements
• Higher Monthly Volume Limits
• Award Winning Customer Service

One the most popular features of Adult Merchant Services has been our award winning payment gateway, designed for use by higher risk and higher volume adult businesses.  Providing merchants with full Level 1 PCI Compliance along with our proprietary fraud prevention programs, the adult merchant services payment gateway has been well received and widely used among businesses in the adult industry.

In addition to being one of the most secure payment gateways, merchants are able to streamline their businesses payment processing through the extensive reporting and transaction management functions within the gateway.  Our advanced  reporting systems make management of your merchant account and business accurate, fast and simple and with the ability to integrate into nearly any shopping cart, merchants find the gateway not only simple to operate, but simple to set up.

This combination of providing low cost merchant accounts and secure payment gateways has proved to be a winning adult credit card processing solution for years.

The Benefits of the Adult Merchant Services Payment Gateway

• Fast integration into over 100 Shopping Carts
• Enhanced Fraud Monitoring Settings
• Transaction Management in a couple clicks
• Complete Reporting Functions

Compliance for Adult Merchant Accounts

Businesses in the adult industry that decide to accept credit cards must register with the card associations as an adult provider which involves paying an annual registration fee to the acquiring bank or banks used for merchant services. At Adult Merchant Services, we make the registration process as quick and simple as possible and continue to provide on going monitoring of the registration to insure that merchants do not experience any interruptions in payment processing services.

Benefits of an Adult Merchant Account

Adult businesses looking for payment processing services are recommended to apply for a direct merchant account instead of establishing a sponsored payment processing service, similar to that which many 3rd party processing companies offer. Having a merchant account will provide many benefits over a sponsored account, including:

• Complete Customer Control.   Merchants have full control of customer data and information.
• Lower Rates and Fees.  Fixed and Consistent fees on every transaction.
• Better Customer Service.  Merchants maintain their own customer service.
• Enhanced Security.  PCI Compliant payment gateway and EMV equipped credit card terminals.

What is an Adult Merchant Account?

An adult merchant account is a form of bank account offered by an acquiring bank that allows for the acceptance of credit card and debit card payments into a designated business account at the merchant acquiring bank, and while there are many different types of merchant accounts for specific industries, they are all established using the same bank and payment processing format.

The adult businesses that are using a merchant account to accept payments will use one of a few different types of payment terminals to insure security and prompt authorization responses. Merchants operating in a retail storefront will generally use a credit card terminal, and for more advanced businesses, a point of sale system could be used as credit card terminal equipment. Online merchants will use a payment gateway application that will integrate directly into a website shopping cart and provide a similar level of transaction security through encryption of customer data between the customer’s web browser and the payment processor.

Card acceptance can also be accomplished through a virtual terminal that is integrated into a payment gateway, allowing for merchants to accept MOTO (mail order/telephone order) transactions by entering cardholder account information through the payment gateway into the virtual terminal. Another method of payment for a merchant account is through a ARU, or Automated Response Unit, that allows merchants to accept payments made by customers through their telephone, a method that is commonly used in the adult industry.

The pricing used for merchant accounts can vary, mainly depending on the industry of the business and the financial stability of both the business and the merchant. The 2 most common pricing methods that are used by payment processors are tiered or interchange pricing models, while the tiered was the most commonly used by the merchant services industry, the interchange plus pricing method has been gaining traction due to its simplicity and lower costs.

Tiered pricing establishes either 3 or 6 different predetermined pricing groups that transactions will fall into, otherwise known as qualify, depending on a number of different factors that are figured into the transaction, including what kind of card was used, how the card account information was accepted and how the card information was handled after acceptance. A tiered pricing structure using 6 groups will give merchants more options verses a 3 group structure, allowing for better pricing on low cost transactions.

The more favorable pricing structure has been the interchange plus model, a simplified system that tacks on a set fee on top of all interchange fees established by Visa, Mastercard and other networks for every transaction. Merchants generally prefer this pricing structure since it insures that every transaction is charged the same amount and that the base fee is passed through from the card networks, eliminating any excess fees.

In addition to the transaction and discount rates that are accessed on every transaction, merchant accounts generally carry other costs, including network dues, additional network fees or charges, monthly bank fees and other service charges. While some merchant services companies or payment processors might advertise no monthly fees or flat fee processing, these costs are usually wrapped into another fee or recouped through higher merchant account pricing.

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Merchants shopping for a new merchant account or with questions about an existing payment processing service are encouraged to contact one of our merchant services professionals. At Adult Merchant Services, we look forward to speaking with merchants and we are always willing to help clients answer any questions or provide insight on the various segments of the credit card processing industry.

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