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Adult businesses are principally built around providing services and accepting payments over the internet and as the demand for these services increases, so does the need for merchants to partner with an adult payment processor that can provide a secure and reliable online payment gateway.  Working with an adult payment gateway can help merchants increase profits through advanced transaction management functions and have more control with enhanced payment technology features, allowing merchants to better manage their business.

The adult payment gateway from Adult Merchant Services provides merchants with the reliability, network security and functionality that is demanded by businesses on the internet today. The reliability and simple integration into over 100 of the largest shopping carts has been a driving force behind the growth of its usage and coupled with the advanced features built into the gateway, it’s no wonder our payment gateway has been very popular with adult merchants.

Features of the Adult Merchant Services Payment Gateway

• Level 1 PCI Compliance
• Easy Integration into most shopping carts
• Reliable with over 99.95% network availability

Benefits of Using Payment Gateways

• Accept Credit Cards Online.  Payment gateways allow customers the ability to make payments in a number of different ways using either credit cards, debit cards or a bank account.  Payment gateways simplify online payment processing by handling payment authorizations and consolidating the daily transactions into a single batch file to be sent for bank finalization and settlement.

• Recurring Billing Services.   Online payment gateways provide convenient and simple payment services for merchants and customers by automating the billing process.  Setting up customers for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly billing allows for consistent and timely charges to the customer and simplifies the transaction management of payments for the merchants.

• Secure Payment Processing.  Protecting customer data is of the utmost importance for any online merchant. Merchants can potentially face severe penalties and fines from the card associations in the event of fraud, making the usage of a PCI Compliant gateway essential by insuring that customer account data is encrypted and kept safe at all points during ta transaction.

The Adult Merchant Services payment gateway offers businesses other features to help merchants manage and grow their businesses more efficiently with additional payment processing available, better transaction management, reporting and accounting functions.

While credit and debit cards are the most common form of payment that is accepted online, some adult merchants have business models that require the ability to accept checks online, most commonly these are services that work on a subscription base program. The payment gateway from Adult Merchant Services allows merchants the ability to add check processing services and manage them directly from the gateway back office.

As a merchant’s business evolves, having the control to manage customer information is key to the continual growth cycle and the adult payment gateway does provide the needed functions. Providing merchants the ability to run countless reports and manage customer transactions along with seamless integration into most accounting programs, businesses have all the keys to building a successful enterprise.

Online Payment Gateway features include:

• ACH Payment Processing
• Customized Transaction Reporting
• Enhanced Transaction Management
• Integration into Accounting Programs

How a Payment Gateway works

A Payment Gateway provides a safe and secure interface for customers to submit credit card information to the merchant’s payment processing company, or acquiring bank, through the merchant website’s shopping cart. The initial transaction sent through the gateway is the payment authorization, a temporary approval of credit from the customer card issuing bank in the amount requested by the merchant.

A transaction begins once the card account information is entered through the customer’s web browser into the shopping cart located on the merchant website. Customer information is encrypted by the browser and sent to the payment gateway where it is revealed in a secure environment to the gateway only to be encrypted once again and sent from payment gateway to the payment processor. Similarly, merchants can manually enter customer information through a virtual terminal function located within the payment gateway for local transactions without the use of a stand alone credit card terminal.

Card account information is required by PCI standards to be encrypted when sent, allowing for full security between the merchant, payment processor and the card association. Once the request for payment authorization has been received by the customer card issuing bank via the card associations, a response is sent back to the payment processor through to the payment gateway to inform the merchant of the approved or declined decision.

What is a Virtual Terminal?

Occasionally merchants that have online stores will need to process payments manually, whether the sale came from a telephone order or in their storefront, merchants can use a feature within the payment gateway to process the transaction. A virtual terminal is an application within the payment gateway that allows merchants to enter cardholder information manually or with a card reader attached to the computer, sending card account information to the card associations in the same manner as a web based sale.

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Merchants shopping for a payment gateway solution or in the first stages of researching the different programs available are encouraged to speak to one of our payment gateway professionals. Our staff will be more than happy to go over any technical support questions or address any concerns merchants might have about the payment gateway.

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