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An ideal payment gateway can help merchants increase profits through improved functionality and enhanced payment technology. Many payment gateways offer such features as automated transaction management and virtual terminal capabilities. Choosing the right payment gateway can help merchants optimize sales and increase business revenues.

Usually, payment gateway providers will not allow adult businesses to process transactions through their gateway, limiting the choices of merchants.  For this reason, it’s essential for merchants to seek out a payment gateway to provide the needed services and security for online transactions.

Online Payment Processing Applications

• Payment Gateway
• Virtual Terminal

What is a Payment Gateway?

Credit card machines process debit and credit card authorizations in an almost identical manner as payment gateways. Rather than swiping payment cards through a terminal, payment gateways accept card account information over the internet.  Merchants using a payment gateway have many options unavailable on storefront credit card terminals.

Card account information is packaged using secure financial protocols required for PCI Compliance before leaving the payment gateway.  Between the merchant website’s shopping cart and the payment card networks, transaction information is fully encrypted to prevent theft. Non-compliant payment gateways put merchants at risk for fines and liability on losses attributed to the substandard security.

Furthermore, payment gateways offer merchants access to a variety of different tools to help manage customers and their business. Merchants are able to track customers and manage transactions to gain a better grasp on their business. Employee management systems, such as individual access accounts, can be established to track transactions and help prevent theft or fraud.

In addition to website sales, many payment gateways provide a virtual terminal to accept non-web based sales.  The virtual terminal will allow for telephone or in-store transactions to be processed through the payment gateway. Using either the payment gateway portal or a card swiper, merchants can process transactions without a separate credit card terminal.

How Payment Gateways work

The payment gateway provides a secure interface for customers to submit credit card information to the merchant’s payment processor.  Handling the customer authorization request along with the bank response, the gateway is the intermediary between customer and merchant.

payment gateway

The process that a payment card authorization follows during a payment gateway transaction includes:

• Website Shopping Cart
• Payment Gateway
• Payment Processor
• Merchant Acquiring Bank
• Payment Card Association
• Customer Card Issuing Bank
• Response

First, a customer enters their card account information into their web browser while checking out of the merchant’s shopping cart.  Account details are encrypted by the browser for security before transmission to the payment gateway.

The web browser file is received at the payment gateway, encrypted again using a messaging format similar to ISO 8583 for transmission to the payment processor.  Authorizations captured through a virtual terminal will be sent using the same secure messaging protocol to the payment processor.

Transaction files pass through the adult payment processor and merchant acquiring bank to the appropriate payment card network.  Once deciphered, the card issuing bank is notified of the authorization request and an authorization response is requested.

The networks of Visa and MasterCard license access to multiple card issuing banks for both debit and credit transactions. Discover and American Express operate closed networks, handling all points of their transactions from merchant to customer.

Immediately, checks to the customer’s account will be performed to determine the response, including available credit and potential fraud.  Finally, the card issuing bank’s response will be sent back to the merchant website, either confirming or declining the authorization.

What is a Virtual Terminal?

As a hardware add-on for payment gateways, a virtual terminal allows merchants to process card-present transactions through their online payment gateway.

Occasionally merchants that have online stores will need to process payments manually.  Either from a telephone order or their storefront, merchants can use the virtual terminal function from the payment gateway.

Payment cards along with ACH transactions can be integrated to process through the payment gateway application.  Streamlining the merchant process while providing the necessary levels of PCI Compliance required for online transactions.

Stores that are using a virtual terminal will commonly have a payment card reader, known as a card swiper, connected to a computer. Unlike card present transactions that automatically capture the card information, phone and mail order transactions can be manually entered.

Ultimately, the use of a virtual terminal allows businesses to consolidate all types of sales through one source.  Having improved transaction management, extensive reporting and tighter employee permissions can help the company run more efficiently.

Integrate into a Payment Gateway today!

The payment gateway from Adult Merchant Services provides reliable network security and functionality for today’s online businesses.  Integrating into over 100 different shopping carts has fueled our growth over the last 10 years as the preferred online payment gateway for adult businesses.

Our Payment Gateways and Virtual Terminals offer:

• Level 1 PCI Compliance
• Easy Integration into most shopping carts
• Reliable with over 99.95% network availability
• ACH Payment Processing
• Customized Transaction Reporting
• Complete Transaction Management
• Integration into Quickbooks Accounting Programs
• Safely accept credit or debit cards both online and in a store
• Cost savings by using 1 merchant account in 2 locations
• Track and manage all aspects of the business online
• Create profiles for customers to improve customer service
• Full Employee management functions
• Easy reporting for accounting and other needs

Businesses in need of a payment gateway solution are encouraged to speak to one of our payment services professionals.  Our staff will take the time to explain gateway features and operation along with any technical questions or concerns a merchant might have.

Our goal is to help merchants grow their online businesses with more efficient transaction management, sales reporting, and accounting functions.


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