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Best Adult Payment Processor

Why do you need the best adult payment processor? Experienced merchants in the online adult industry understand the importance of partnering with the best adult payment processors to build their business, while newbies to the industry might search out only the lowest rates and fee schedules, points that do not guarantee that a company is [more]

Adult Merchant Underwriting Guidelines

In the merchant account industry, the payment service providers and merchant acquirers are required to follow the procedures established by Visa and MasterCard’s payment card association to complete the proper adult merchant underwriting process while higher risk payment processors and acquiring banks have additional guidelines and requirements to follow when considering an adult merchant account [more]

Best Adult Payment Gateway Options

E-commerce companies have many options for payment processing services available to them, with well over 50 different payment gateway service providers and countless merchant services and merchant acquiring banks, there are thousands of options available to businesses.  Deciding on the best gateway for a merchant can depend on the bank they are working with, the [more]

Best Age Verification Software

Age Verification Software for Adult Websites Operating a safe and secure website is one of the most important functions for any adult webmaster and business and a requirement of adult merchant account providers, but the importance of age verification has become especially important in Europe with the German Government and the Parliament in the London passing [more]

Using An Adult Payment Processor

Using an adult payment processor can help merchants reduce long term costs of operation while insuring the longevity of their business on the internet.  Working with an adult payment processor that takes all the necessary steps for account underwriting, registration and maintenance of banking relationships can limit the potential of service outages, unnecessary fees or [more]

Adult Merchant Annual Registration Fee

A common question for experienced adult merchants, and usually a surprise for merchants new to the adult industry, is if businesses need to pay the adult merchant annual registration fee commonly required by Mastercard in order to accept credit cards. When merchants are inquiring with adult payment processors and adult merchant services providers, the answer [more]

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance 101 As technology advances and credit card usage increases, the threat to both cardholders and merchants of payment account theft continues to grow.  Large corporations such as Home Depot, Neiman Marcus and TJ Maxx have all fallen victim to data breaches from cybertheft.  These instances end up costing corporations hundreds of millions of [more]