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Today are many types of adult merchant services and products currently available to merchants.  The higher risk industries, such as adult,  are offering products and services are designed specifically for their needs.  Understanding these products and how they can help businesses, merchants are saving significant amounts of money every year.

Ultimately, complying with the payment processors and payment card association is essential to the longevity of a merchant account.  Understanding the different pieces working together to complete a merchant account helps merchants operate a better business.  Adult merchants placing an emphasis on security while following all the guidelines will not have problems processing payments.

The information provided on the Adult Merchant Services blog is keeping businesses informed and up to date.  Consequently, with the updates and helpful merchant services hint, businesses are always prepared for any of the changes in the industry.

best adult payment processor

Best Adult Payment Processor

Why do you need the best adult payment processor?
Experienced merchants in the online adult industry understand the importance of partnering with the best adult payment processors to build their business, while newbies to the industry might search out only the lowest rates and fee schedules, points that do not guarantee that a company is the best adult payment processor to work with. Understanding the common problems and issues that plague the adult credit card processing industry will help merchants ask the right questions so they can find the best adult merchant account provider to partner long-term with and grow their business to the fullest potential.

Many experienced adult webmasters and business operators will tell startups looking for adult payment processing services that finding a consistent and secure payment processor is more important than the payment services provider that promises the lowest rates. Many adult payment processors operating in Europe or other locations outside the USA will advertise processing fees under 5% for their services, and while those costs might be very appealing to newbies, the questions and unknowns surrounding the payment services might outweigh any possible benefits.

As is the case with most of the high risk credit card processing companies, their payment services are only as good as their banks and banking relations that power their credit card processing services. Working with a payment processor that might not have a solid relationship with their acquiring bank could possibly create trouble for merchants with delayed payouts, holding of funds or account termination, very costly and potentially devastating financial occurrences that are all so common.

The choice of a payment services provider for an adult business is an important decision for the business to make, having consistent funding while providing customers with quick and easy payouts can help grow an adult business. Doing some research on the payment processor and asking the right questions of the customer service representatives can help a merchant narrow down their choices of finding the best adult payment processor.

What makes a good adult payment processor?

Working with a payment processor that operates as a complete merchant services provider can make it much easier for a business to navigate the payments systems and networks that power the card acceptance process.  An informative payment processor can offer merchants a variety of options and help find the best solution for their businesses needs and budget, eliminating the hassle of making businesses educate themselves on available products and search for the solutions that offer it.

There are a few ways that payment processors can separate themselves from the other companies, one of the most common methods is by providing discount or low priced merchant services to their clients. Some merchant services providers have opted to focus on providing their services at discounted prices as their means of attracting customers and build a customer base, and while this method is can be beneficial to a merchant’s bottom, it can also mean for merchants that other services or benefits could become substandard or non-existent, possibly even making it harder for the merchant to operate their business in the long run.

The features and functionality of an adult merchant account can be the difference for some merchants when comparing the offers from various payment processing companies.  Some merchant accounts might be very limited to the types of transactions they can accept or the number of sales they will allow per month, this can make finding an adult payment processor that has a wide range of acceptance methods and flexible terms an important feature for adult merchants that have special needs and requirements for their payment processing services.

Working with a payment processor that makes an effort to provide great customer service and support is many times what separates a merchant services provider from another, even if their fees are not the lowest when compared to other adult payment processors. Partnering with a merchant services company that can help navigate a merchant and make the payment side of their business easier can truly distinguish one company versus the others – imagine trying to figure out technical issues on a Friday afternoon and having to find your way through an automated tech support line alone.

Other payment processors have focused on their technical offerings by providing merchants with a quality payment gateway that can help make transactions flow faster and assist merchants by providing functionality within the gateway to help the business run smooth and save merchants time through simple management and reporting capabilities.  A quality gateway will usually work with the major shopping carts while offering a fast and simple integration process through an API that can plug directly into the merchants shopping cart. Some lower priced shopping cart programs might be included with the merchant account, but the functionality of many of these payment gateways might not be as advanced as others, making such functions as re-billing and transaction management more difficult for merchants.

Merchant accounts and payment processors comes in all different shapes and sizes making the hunt for the best adult payment processor somewhat of a challenge for merchants looking for a solution that fits their special needs or business requirements.

Where to find the best adult payment processors?

Finding merchant service providers for adult businesses can be challenging at times since most payment processors and financial institutions will not work with businesses in the industry due to their classification as high risk.  This has forced many merchants with no option but to find a solution for their adult business on their own, with most companies turning to the internet to find an adult payment processor.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to find an adult payment processing company is by doing a search engine query for suggestions of payment processors.   A quick search of either “adult merchant account” or “adult credit card processing” can lead a merchant to finding a number of different payment service providers that specialize in the adult industry. This method can give merchants a number of different options when contacting prospective payment processors, but knowing if the payment processor is one of the best in the adult industry can be difficult without having much information beside the search results about these companies.

A common way that many merchants find a payment processor for their business is by accessing some of the online forums that specialize in the adult or other high risk industries.  Many of these forums allow for merchant services providers to advertise their companies and allow for easy access by merchants to ask the necessary questions of the companies.  Some forums will rank payment processors due to a number of factors, while many of the websites might provide good information, some websites can use other ranking factors that can lead to skewed results and potentially misleading information.

Probably one of the better ways for adult merchants to find the best adult payment processor would be to ask for referrals from other business owners in the industry. When receiving a referral from another merchant, customers will know that the merchant services provider has experience in the adult industry and that the payment processor has provided good customer services in the past.  This unbiased information can be worth its weight in gold in the future if the merchant and merchant services company can build a solid, long term relationship.

However an adult merchant finds a payment processor, it is always best to make sure that the payment processor can accept adult clients and that they are available to help you throughout the term of the agreement.  Stability in the merchant services along with a good customer services program can make the management of an adult merchant account much easier and help the business run much smoother.

How do you know they are the best adult payment processor?

Verifying the claims of a merchant services company can be complicated at times, operating in an industry that is small and not widely discussed, finding quality information about different companies can take some effort. One of the best ways to learn about a specific payment service provider, or to find a list of the best adult payment processors is to read industry publications geared towards businesses and the business owners.

Many of the credit card processing review sites and blogs work on a pay to play basis, meaning not all payment processors are reviewed or listed in the rankings, rather its only the companies willing to advertise. Such companies as Card Payment Options require users to pay to be listed on their sites, with the highest bidders receiving the top spots in their reviews of merchant services companies. How can websites that operate in this manner give merchants an unbiased and accurate review of a payment processor’s services when these determinations geared towards advertisers?

Another common place for merchants in the adult industry to go and seek out information is online at the various industry forums. While many of the users have an association with the adult industry at varying degrees, its been known for some companies to enlist employees to follow these forums and post replies as being the best adult payment processor that might otherwise not warrant such high regard. Similar to the review sites of the internet, merchants might want to take information found on forum with a grain of salt and research into greater depth on their own.

Many times businesses will find quality merchant service providers after speaking with other companies in the industry, by asking for a reference to their payment processing service many merchants have found solid companies to partner with. As one of the safest and most reliable sources of information, other businesses can usually give merchants an idea of how good one company is and what to services to look for or features to ask about when applying for merchant services.

As most information on the internet, merchants should be critical and question the sources of the information they are reading. Many review websites and industry forums provide biased information that might not always be accurate and the payment processing services might not be the best option available to merchants. Using information from trusted sources from within the industry or by conducting in-depth research on the various payment processors firsthand might prove to be one of the better ways to determine the best adult payment processor for an adult business.

Who are the best adult payment processors?

Many companies working in the adult credit card processing industry offer a variety of different services for different segments.  As a full service adult merchant account provider, we have always felt that our staff at Adult Merchant Services is one of the best companies for adult merchants to partner with.  We urge merchants shopping for a new adult merchant account to contact one of our helpful adult payment professionals for more information about what we can offer and what we can save most businesses that partner with us.

best adult payment gateway

Best Adult Payment Gateway Options

E-commerce companies have many options for payment processing services available to them, with well over 50 different payment gateway service providers and countless merchant services and merchant acquiring banks, there are thousands of options available to businesses.  Deciding on the best gateway for a merchant can depend on the bank they are working with, the functionality required of the gateway and the budget of the business.

Payment gateways are a PCI compliant payment application that allows a merchant’s website to be connected to their acquiring bank in a secure environment, preventing the threat of fraud or other security breaches that could compromise the safety of the customer’s payment card information.  Most gateways are able to connect with the various payment platforms and acquiring banks, allowing for flexibility among merchants with a merchant account already.

Most payment gateways are designed for easy integration into the larger merchant acquiring banks, payment processors and financial institutions that primarily work with general e-commerce businesses.  While most payment processors have specialized in the retail or person to person (P2P) payments industries, there continues to be a need for gateway services for businesses operating in the medium to high risk niches, including adult merchant account,s firearms merchant accounts another restricted merchant account categories.

Most merchant services providers have either purchased or built their own payment gateway to provide in house services for their clients, a function that makes the integration process easier for merchants and more profitable for the merchant services providers. While there many different payment gateways available in the industry, we will try to touch upon a few of the larger and more commonly used gateway service providers to help clarify the functionality and capabilities of these applications.


Formerly part of CyberSource and most recently acquired and now part of the Visa network, Authorize.net has been handling payment transactions since 1996 and is one of the largest and well-known gateway service providers in the industry today.

Payeezy Payment Gateway:

Owned by First Data, Payeezy provides integration into over 70 of the largest and most widely used shopping cart programs along with integration into their proprietary POS system Clover, Payeezy provides First Data customers a uniform payment experience across their various platforms.

PayFlow Payment Gateway:

PayFlow, by PayPal, allows merchants to accept payments in 25 different currencies from over 200 different countries, making it a versatile solution for merchants around the world or looking to expand their customer base globally, offering solutions for both PayPal processing services or 3rd party merchant accounts.

Inovio Payment Gateway:

Owned by North American Bancard, Inovio is the recommended gateway for their payment processing network – offering merchants full payment gateway services and independent sales organization the ability to offer white label and private label solutions.  Please note, not much information is available on the Inovio gateway website about products or services offered.

Allied Payments Gateway:

Built for clients of all sizes from startup to Fortune 500, the Allied Payment Gateway accepts a wide variety of merchants types, including medium to higher risk clients. Features of the gateway allow for multiple merchant accounts, invoicing and billing services along with multiple user management.

 Virtual TerminalMobile PaymentsRecurring PaymentsMultiple Merchant AccountsInvoicingAccept eChecksQuickBooks IntegrationAddress Verification Services (AVS)PCI-DSS CompliantAccept High Risk Industries
(First Data)
(NA Bancard)
YesYesYes (additional fees apply)NoYesYesYesYes (additional fees apply)YesNo
Allied Payment GatewayYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

Best Payment Gateway for Startups

Most merchant service providers can offer a gateway solution that is either automatically or very easily integrated with their merchant account services.  While the recommendations below are only for the payment gateway, it is always suggested that businesses check other providers for merchant account fees.  Our recommendations for startups looking for a payment gateway service are:

  1. PayFlow: With options starting at $0/month to $25/month and transaction fees as low as $0.10/transaction, merchants can potentially lower their costs by using the PayPal application with their existing merchant account. Many merchants might consider using a merchant account through PayPal once they open their online doors or utilizing a hosted payment page for products eliminated the need for a payment gateway.  Security and other add on features are a la carte, so merchants using AVS or recurring billing might consider other options as fees can become costly.
  2. Authorize.net: The Visa gateway is a versatile payment application that most merchant services providers already offer to clients upon merchant account setup. Nearly every shopping cart has built their integration around the parameters of Authorize.net, insuring a quick API integration by the web developer and a seamless buying experience by the customer.
  3. Allied Payment Gateway: This gateway offers a simple API integration for use with over 100 of the most common shopping cart programs used today, including woocommerce, ubercart and opencart. Transaction fees are comparable to Authorize.net and PayFlow with low cost AVS and no cost recurring billing features.

Best Payment Gateway for Larger Merchants

Most larger businesses need a way to manage customers and handle their accounts receivable, tasks that are usually handled by accounting or other software programs. Unlike most startups or some smaller businesses, established companies need a more advanced payment gateway that can simplify their process and provide the necessary functions required by larger organizations.

  1. Allied Payment Gateway: Designed to accommodate the largest of merchants, the gateway provides the options to allow businesses with multiple merchant accounts a simple way to manage their transactions between accounts.  The gateway also offers businesses the ability to have multiple users, invoice and store payment card information on file in a remote location, simplifying the billing process.
  2. Authorize.net: As one of the largest gateway services with nearly 20 years of service history, businesses can integrate into this Visa gateway with relative simplicity. While high volume or multiple merchant accounts are not as easily managed as the Allied gateway, many merchants have used this application.
  3. Payeezy: Partnering with First Data will ensure that merchants have a reliable and secure merchant services provider. Payeezy provides integration into the First Data Clover POS system to help businesses with both e-commerce and retail storefronts to manage their sales and inventory.

Best Payment Gateway for Adult Businesses

Operating an adult business requires using an adult merchant account provider that is familiar with the industry and can set merchants up with all the proper payment services. While First Data, PayPal and many of the other merchant services providers will not work with adult, there are a few adult gateway service providers that continue to partner with higher risk industries.

  1. Allied Payment Gateway: Specializing in high-risk industries, this gateway was built with startups and smaller businesses in mind but is customizable for the largest clients, including high volume and recurring billing businesses with multiple merchant accounts.
  2. Inovio Payment Gateway: As a part of the North American Bancard product portfolio, this gateway is able to accept adult merchants without any trouble. Its ability to accept higher volume or multiple merchant account businesses is unknown with the limited information available online.
using an adult payment processor

Using An Adult Payment Processor

Using an adult payment processor can help merchants reduce long term costs of operation while insuring the longevity of their business on the internet.  Working with an adult payment processor that takes all the necessary steps for account underwriting, registration and maintenance of banking relationships can limit the potential of service outages, unnecessary fees or other costly disruptions.

A common occurrence in the merchant services industry is directly attributed to the sales person or organization that handles the merchant application submission to the payment processor, since many merchant services sales agents work on commission with a performance based pay scale, the best interests of the merchant are many times overlooked in lieu of the commission payouts. By not using an adult payment processor, this practice has lead to many adult merchants inadvertently applying for and being quickly approved as another type of business, thus avoiding registration fees and other business guidelines needed to be an adult provider.

One way to find the best adult payment processor that understand sand abides to the guidelines set forth by the card association for adult content providers is to insure that their merchants are properly set up with the payment processing partners and merchant acquiring banks. Failure to properly identify the industry of the business can result in suspension or closure of the merchant account along with funds being held for a 6 months to prevent any potential charge backs. In a worst case scenario, merchants run the risk of being placed in the Terminated Merchant File or MATCH List, a list managed by the card association that tracks merchants who have violated guidelines, their agreement or owe fees and are generally unable to apply for a merchant account in their name for up to 7 years.

One of the important questions adult merchants should ask a potential merchant services provider is about how they handle the yearly registration fee that is charged to adult merchants by the card association. Some payment processors will not charge this fee for one of two reasons; either they include the fee as part of the merchant account or they do not require the fee because they are not registering the merchant in the proper business category; while the latter can potentially cause problems in the future for the business, the adult merchant account providers that include the registration fee will generally charge higher fees during transactions, allowing the processor to recoup the registration fees and usually more.

When merchants are coded incorrectly, it means that the payment processor has set them up under a business category that does not pertain to their actual business. Merchants operating adult websites, whether its a membership website, directory site or another similar type business will generally be assigned the codes of either 5967, 7841 or 7311, requiring full review of the website and registration to insure that all guidelines are followed and compliance is maintained by the merchant.  By using an adult payment processor, merchants can know that this will not be an issue in the future.

One of the final checks that adult merchants should inquire about is the type of payment gateway being used by your merchant services providers, because not all gateways are adult friendly. One of the largest and most sold payment gateways, Authorize.net, who is part of the Visa corporate, does not allow adult oriented or pornographic websites to use their services. Similar to having their merchant account set up with the wrong business type, merchants in the adult industry will soon be relieved of gateway services once an audit is completed of the gateway account.

A simple solution to prevent any service disruptions or unnecessary fees associated with a merchant account is by using an adult payment processor from the get go, by working with a professional that understands the industry and does not try to cut corners can save merchants a lot of time and money in the future. Merchants looking to start an adult business, or currently operating an adult business and have questions are encouraged to contact one of our payment professionals for more information and to get started processing credit cards.