Adult Credit Card Processing

The adult industry is one of the largest e-commerce sectors, astoundingly the largest adult site averages nearly 100 million daily hits. Similarly, as the demand for adult entertainment continues to soar, merchants are continuously struggling to find adult credit card processing services.  Merchants have been noticing a declining number of opportunities to process card transactions through.

Today, most banking institutions and online payment services are not open to accepting adult businesses.  In response, business owners are using high-risk payment processing services for their credit card and check processing services. Unfortunately, many alternative payment solutions operate outside the United States, reducing their payout reliability and their ability to process transactions.

In short, working with proven financial institutions maintaining track records of providing reliable adult payment processing services is essential.  At Adult Merchant Services, we’re working to prevent any disruptions or sudden terminations of client merchant accounts or other payment services.  Maintaining the reliability and stability of our customer’s payment services is our number one concern.

An Analysis of Adult Merchant Account Services

• How Merchant Accounts Work

• Types of Businesses using Adult Merchant Accounts

• Benefits of using Adult Merchant Services

How does a Merchant Account work?
An e-commerce credit card processing transaction is a quick and convenient payment service for both the merchant and the customer. Even though the transaction only takes a few seconds to complete, the process for a card authorization is extensive. Involving multiple banks and payment networks working together, transactions are securely handled during their entirety.

Payment Transactions require:
• The cardholder
• The merchant
• The payment processor
• The acquiring bank (merchant’s sponsoring bank)
• The issuing bank (cardholder’s bank)
• The payment card association (ie; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, etc.)

credit card processing

After applying for a merchant account, businesses can start processing transactions online or through a storefront. Payment terminals receive the customer card information, either by swiping, dipping or manually entering online. At this point, the card account information is captured in the terminal, encrypted and transmitted to the payment processor.

Processing online transactions are nearly identical to retail sales, but requires the use of extra security on the merchant website. Internet customers are required to enter their card account information in the website shopping cart linked to the payment gateway. From the customer’s web browser, customer account information is secured before leaving the merchant’s payment gateway.

The encrypted customer’s file is forwarded to the payment processor to be entered into the payment card association’s network. The payment processor is usually a separate organization that provides merchant support and financial management. Payment processors integrate securely into the merchant acquiring bank while providing the back-end services to send and receive transaction information.

After passing through the merchant acquiring bank, the customer file is entered into the payment card association’s network. Immediately, the customer authorization company is determined to be either Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or JCB by the account numbers. Each payment card network has its own unique account numbers used for distinguishing one card company from another.

Once the card type is determined and the information from the transaction is entered into the network for approval. The customer account is checked and verified to determine a response to the customer payment request. Cards request through the Visa or MasterCard network will be sent to the appropriate cardholder bank for authentication. Fraud checks, total available credit along with other verification processes are performed to validate the transaction. In like manner, American Express and Discover act as card issuing banks and cardholder requests are received and responses are determined in-house.

Once determining an answer to the customer authorization request, the response is sent back through the network to the merchant location. Transactions originating through a credit card machine or POS system will print a sales receipt showing transaction approval or denial. Online transactions will display the response on a gateway page, providing a transaction ID or response code similar to a retail location.

Businesses using Adult Merchant Accounts
Most adult businesses are using some form of payment processing, either a merchant account or another high-risk processing solution. Some businesses have sought the services of a payment processor that specializes in adult.

• Adult Content Credit Card Processing
Many adult content providers are processing transactions through high cost, 3rd party platforms. A merchant account can provide reliable and affordable solutions for businesses operating in this industry trying to lower costs.

• Adult Dating Service Credit Card Processing
An expanding niche of the adult industry that primarily operates with a rebilling business model. After the initial trial period, merchants will automatically bill customers at a higher rate causing high levels of chargebacks.

• Adult Membership Website Credit Card Processing
One of the largest segments of the adult industry that has grown by rebilling customers. While profitable, merchants are increasingly vulnerable to high chargebacks and fraud through monthly subscriptions.

• Adult Toy Store Credit Card Processing
Operating as a general e-commerce business, adult toy stores can experience difficulty establishing merchant services at some payment processors. High costs and other fees can be avoided by using an adult processor familiar with the industry.

• Adult Video Service Credit Card Processing
Similar to content providers, adult video producers are finding 3rd party, aggregated payment processing to be extremely costly. Partnering with an adult processor can provide quality merchant services without the excessive cost of other solutions.

• Adult Web Cam Credit Card Processing
Significant numbers of adult webcam operators can experience high fees and set up costs when attempting to process online transactions. Working with a high-risk credit card processor can help mitigate chargeback and other types of fraud.

• Bath House Credit Card Processing
Similar to other types of athletic clubs, bathhouses offer a variety of memberships at their club for patrons. Although a retail operator, many financial institutions will not provide merchant services to this business model, requiring merchants to seek out an adult payment processor.

• Escort Credit Card Processing
The escort industry is a niche to that most credit card processors will not offer merchant services. Escorts and their agencies are left seeking out the services of an adult merchant services company to process their payments.

• Escort Directory Credit Card Processing
In recent years, escort directories have come under fire for a variety of problems surrounding particular businesses operating in this niche. After problems throughout the industry, merchants needed the services of an adult payment processor to accept credit cards.

• Massage Parlor Credit Card Processing
Massage parlors have been negatively affected by a robust history of illegal activities occurring in their storefronts. Although payment processing through most merchant services companies is difficult, an adult payment processor can make it easier.

• Massage Therapist Credit Card Processing
As a remote contractor, many times these merchants do not operate out of an office or permanent location. This business model can cause concern for some payment processors where a high-risk credit card processor can help find a feasible solution.

• Penis Enlargement Products Credit Card Processing
Similar to sexual enhancement products, penis enlargement merchants operate using a rebilling business model that increases the price. The increase along with friendly fraud requires businesses to use a high-risk merchant account to handle chargebacks.

• Phone Sex Credit Card Processing
Integration of an IVR dialer with a merchant account allows businesses to accept payments over the phone. However, many payment processors will not accept this industry, requiring merchants to partner with a high-risk credit card processor.

• Sexual Enhancement Products Credit Card Processing
Sexual enhancement products can expect chargebacks due to manufacturer claims and friendly fraud from embarrassed customers. An adult payment processor can help merchants lower chargebacks and keep overall costs to a minimum.

• Strip Club Credit Card Processing
Patrons of gentlemen’s clubs have a history of running up large tabs and unfortunately chargeback the merchant. These problems result in businesses needing the services of an adult payment services provider to help mitigate their losses.

• Swingers Clubs Credit Card Processing
Many swingers clubs experience difficulty with certain payment processors when applying for merchant services. Working with an adult payment services provider can help provide an affordable and reliable merchant account.

Merchant Accounts with Adult Merchant Services

As a specialist in the credit card processing industry, Adult Merchant Services provides reliable merchant accounts to the adult industry.   Our payment processing services are identical to other providers, except we specialize with adult businesses.

Benefits of Partnering with Adult Merchant Services include:
• Low-Cost Merchant Services Fees
• Fully PCI Compliant Payment Gateway
• 24/7 customer support services
• Easy Transaction Management
• Personalized Customer Service
• Integrate into over 100 of the most common shopping carts
• Fraud Monitoring Services
• Easy reporting, batching and transaction management
• Offsite storage of sensitive customer account data
• Automated Load Balancing between merchant accounts
• Daily Payouts

Our direct banking solutions offered to our clients allow businesses to receive timely and consistent settlements from their merchant accounts. Working directly with FDIC insured banks, funds are protected without the risks of being held by the payment processor or other companies.

E-commerce merchants have benefited with our PCI Compliant adult payment gateway to assist in managing their businesses.  A robust transaction management system while retaining a simple operators interface can help anyone manage their online company.

Start Accepting Payments Today!

Merchants in the adult industry in need of credit card processing services, or with questions about their current adult payment processor are urged to contact one of our professionals at Adult Merchant Services.

Our staff will be more than happy to take the time and answer any of the questions or concerns of merchants. Regardless of the type of adult business, our team will help find the best payment processing to fit your company needs.

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